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Bengali Lullaby
Arrullo Tradicional Bengali
Sung in Bengali, Spanish & English
$12 --

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Whenever purchasing CDs through Farolito Music via phone or website, please mention HFL and then 10% of the proceeds will go to support HFL programs.

BENGALI LULLABY is a traditional Indian chant that has become the unequivocal anthem for infant massage. The chant's text, Ami tomake bhalobashi, or I love you, is sung in three languages--Bengali, English, and Spanish. This 32-minute recording is not only ideal for infant massage and reflexology but has saturated the disciplines of meditation, relaxation, energy work, and spiritual dance. This CD is peformed and produced by Certified Instructor of Infant Massage, José Rubén De León. De León has studied the art of physical communication and how the presence of soothing vocals and gently synthesized rhythmic tracks not only enhance, but also sustain an abundant presence of peace in both babies and adults alilke.

BENGALI LULLABY's viola and percussion instruments produce a hauntingly beautiful melody behind the vocals, creating the perfect balance for a massage session of loving touch and uniterrupted physical communication every time. Since its release, De León
has been approached by several, grateful infant massage instructors who had searched long and hard for the right music that promotes a tender spirit and allows for a connection between the adult and child--and BENGALI LULLABY is it!

Infant massage is revered as a holistic approach to infant health. It is believed to naturally improve parenting skills, deepen bonding, strengthen family bonds, and to create a future generation that is more caring and compassionate. This one-on-one art, incorporates nurturing touch, massage, and reflexology in a loving, fun, one-on-one interaction that is nourishment for baby's healthy development of mind, body, and spirit. Likewise the music selection is an intergral part in setting the tone for successful experience, which BENGALI LULLABY does with its evocative composition.

Some of the proceeds from the sales benefit the Children's Shelter of San Antonio. The shelter is the oldest and largest refuge for abandoned, neglected, and abused newborns, infants, and children.

Contact: Jose Ruben De Leon
P.O. Box 7085
San Antonio, TX 78207-0085
phone: (210) 431-2521

Whenever purchasing this beautiful CD at all HFL training sessions or workshops, 40% of the proceeds will go to support HFL programs.

Whenever purchasing CDs through Farolito Music via phone or website, please mention HFL and then 10% of the proceeds will go to support HFL programs.

Healthy Family Living
Kalena Babeshoff
Director and Trainer
Ph: (707-894-6030

Please remember to mention HFL with your order so that we may receive the donation from your order.

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