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Peace In Our Hands™

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Peace In Our Hands™

Consultations & Adapted Programs


Kalena Babeshoff, Founder, Director, Fellow Child Trauma Academy, provides a range of consultant services drawing upon her commitment to well-being since 1971. See Kalena Babeshoff
  • Phone: This type of consultation is accomplished by setting a phone appt. Consultations may take place with individuals or groups. Contact Us

  • In-services: Designed to meet needs and objectives as identified following a phone consult. These can be designed to meet allotted time and objectives.

  • Film or media – Samples of work include:
    • Expert/spokesperson in the Micropremies: How Low Can You Go”
    • Producer/Writer 1992 Nurturing Touch; The Art of Infant Massage (60 mins.) Includes authored booklet of the same title

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - Available for teaching the series and introductory presentations, having completed years of applied practice in Insight Meditation. 2009 training and mentored by Bob Stahl, PhD "Bob Stahl is a superb mindfulness teacher." Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.founder of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, UMass

  • Conference presentations – numerous conference presentations to a range of audiences since 1991
  • Seminars, Speaking engagements and workshops – designed to meet the unique needs of the audience and the populations they serve. Numerous presentations to Vocational Schools, Colleges, professional groups and more have been effectively delivered.

Adapted Programs

HFL offers various delivery options to meet the needs of professional groups or individuals working or intending to serve in a wide range of health and human services.

  • Trainings and in-services for staff capacity and development, sponsored by agencies or hospitals. Held at their locale. Early Intervention Staff Training

  • Consultations for groups or individuals working in a variety of health and human services work, such as Early Intervention, NICU/ICNs, Pediatrics, Foster Care, Families-at-Risk, Residential Care, Moms in Recovery, CPS, and Adoption.
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