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Peace In Our Hands™

Healthy Family Living's™
dove logo is formed by three human hands, representing that our programs are about relationships expressing the
Peace In Our Hands™

Compassionate Beginnings™ in the NICU is a continuing education staff training to improve quality of care and services in the high tech, often stressful, hospital environment.

In a Family Centered Care approach, the training offers staff specific skills to model, educate and empower parents to be competent and successful in touching, comforting and parenting their fragile premature baby to form nurturing relationships that positively influence growth and development.

Compassionate Beginnings™ alleviates stress and optimizes care for NICU staff, infants and parents through:

  • Blends science and nurturing for optimal outcomes in delivering care to baby and family

  • Provides relationship-based healing touch methodology to support growth and development

  • Transforms Family Centered Care from competent to exceptional
  • Applies developmentally appropriate, nurturing methodology for more womb-like approaches in care and outcomes

  • Supports staff and parents working together to enhance parental education, empowerment and bonding

  • Increases staff skills and job satisfaction

  • Understanding baby’s communication through cues/needs/states of behavior
  • Participating in baby’s care with appropriate skills and predictable responses
  • Bonding with their medically fragile baby for developing secure relationships and supporting neurodevelopment
  • Gaining a sense of control, trust, and lasting parenting skills

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